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Thinking Maps is a language of eight visual patterns each based on a foundational thought process. These patterns are used individually and in combination across every grade level and can be utilized across each curriculum area as an integrated set of tools for life-long learning. Each Thinking Map is designed to both organize thoughts and answer guiding questions that are related to a specific thought process. Teaching students to "ask and answer questions" (one of the elements of the Common Core Standards) is critical to mastering the cognitive demands of the Common Core and State Standards.

One of the six criteria for developing Common Core State Standards was that they should "Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher order skills." Thinking Maps visually represent, or map, the critical thinking embedded in the Common Core State Standards. Thinking Maps provide students with both the scaffolds and structures to support a deeper level of understanding which will empower them to become college and career ready.

Thinking Maps A “COMMON LANGUAGE” For The Common Core
Thinking Maps with Thinking Skill
Thinking Maps with Question Stem
Thinking Maps with Key Words for Writing