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Ms. Morrisroe's First Grade Class
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Welcome to my class!  I have been teaching since 2006 and have experience working with grades K-4. I am passionate about successfully differentiating instruction based on different learning styles and abilities.  My mission is to partner with students, parents, and staff to create a nurturing, student-centered environment.  

I strive to:

·       Cultivate a mindful, optimistic mindset

·       Embrace each child’s strengths

·       Create opportunities for students to learn the way they learn best

·       Make learning relevant to everyday lives

·       Develop critical thinking  and problem solving skills

·       Model strong values, character, and compassion

·       Foster independence

I want to see your children thrive and offer you my sincere commitment in helping your child achieve significant academic and social growth this year.  I look forward to getting to know your child and your family as we partner together to make this year a success.


Warm Regards,


Sonia Morrisroe

Jefferson Elementary

310-798-8631 x3035

Room 5 Procedures


Drop off and Pick Up

Children should meet me on the Jefferson playground at our Room 5 line.  The warning bell will ring at 8:10am, and the tardy bell will ring at 8:13am.  Any student arriving after 8:13 will be marked tardy.  Every Wednesday is early dismissal at 1:30pm, and the rest of the week it is at 2:30pm.  I will walk our class toward Dolphin Square right before dismissal.  For safety reasons, students need to let me know their ride is here before leaving our line.  REC and CDC students will walk to their designated location as a group.  On rainy days, please meet me in the Cafeteria at the Room 1 table instead of the playground. 


Morning Snack/Lunch

Students should pack a healthy snack for their 10am recess.  Students can bring a lunch from home (in a labeled lunch box) or purchase lunch from the cafeteria with their lunch account.  School lunches cost $3.25.  Their lunch period is from 11:25am-12:10pm.



First graders will complete a monthly menu and reading log to be turned in every Friday.  Some assignments will be from their Eureka Workbooks, while other homework activities will be monitored by a parent at home.  There will also be some special projects and reports, but I will give you plenty of advance notice.


Class Rules/Behavior Expectations

We have clear rules and expectations to maximize our ability to learn, produce quality work, and create a harmonious, supportive environment. My overall expectation is that your child comes to class ready to learn and work hard.  If you child attended Jefferson last year, you are hopefully familiar with the Mind UP program.  This program teaches mindfulness to improve social-emotional wellness, increase student achievement, and support positive behavior with self-regulation.  My approach to discipline is rooted in mindfulness.  I expect students to be mindfully aware of their behavior, including how it affects their ability to learn, and how it affects others and the classroom as a whole.  We have 4 simple rules, including:


1. Be Kind

2. Be Safe

3. Be Respectful

4. Be Mindful


Students have the opportunity to earn points and prizes for desirable behavior and exceptional work habits.  This system allows for individual, group, and whole class achievement.  Sincere praise and encouraging notes will be given.  I focus heavily on positive reinforcement and celebrating student successes. However, if a student is off-task, disruptive or interrupting the learning process, they will receive a verbal warning to correct their behavior.  If the behavior persists, they will write an entry in the in the “Conduct Book.”  They will log their name, date, a description of happened, and how they could better handle the situation next time.  I will email you a photo of their entry and ask that you please have a follow up conversation with your child.  The student will receive a consequence that is a) appropriate for the offense and b) motivating for them.  This might be a simple as a short time away from an activity in class, temporary loss of a desirable privilege, or five minutes on the fence at recess.  A severe disruption or any incident that injures or endangers another person will result in the student being immediately sent to the office and/or detention.


Weekly Communication

I will send you an email each week with important details for the coming week.  I would like at least one person from your household to read them in a timely manner to stay current with news from our class.  If you have any questions, please email me and I will respond within one business day. Please keep in mind that I am actively engaged with students and away from my computer during class time, and often do not respond to emails until after dismissal.  If there is an issue that requires urgent attention, please call or have your child hand deliver a note in the morning.



Donations/Wish List: 
We appreciate any donations to our class!


Here is our Amazon wish list:

The following items are welcome all year long:

-Small prizes for monthly prize give aways

-Gently used books 

-Antibacterial hand gel


-Black sharpie markers 

-Post it notes

Gift Certificates are welcome for books, learning materials, and special projects:


-Vons/Trader Joes

-Office Depot/Staples

-Teachers Pay Teachers Website (


-Dollar Tree

 Thank you for your support!  

Program Links:

Mind Up - Brain based social-emotional program


The Daily 5 Reading Program


CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) Math Program


Engage NY Math Program