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Arrival and Dismissal to School


Kindergarten: All kindergarten students are to report directly to the kindergarten gate at the front of Harkness Lane.
1st-5th Grade: Students may be dropped off and picked up at curbside in the Spreckels Valet lot. School grounds open at 7:50 am. prior to Running Club beginning for the school year, and then at 7:45 a.m. once Running Club begins.
Students should not arrive to school any earlier than 7:45 am.

Students in grades first through fifth report to the playground for supervised playtime until 8:13 am.

At 8:13 am we begin whole school Morning Exercises with our students. At this time all parents and guardians must clear the playground as we begin our instructional day.
Students who come to school after 8:13 will need to report to the office.
Kindergarten: All kindergarten students are dismissed at kindergarten gate at the front of Harkness Lane.
1st- 5th Grade: Students are expected to leave the campus promptly at dismissal time unless they are enrolled in an after school program (i.e. Parks and Recreation, CDC, and/or an enrichment course). Information about after school programs is available in the school office. Kindergarten students must be picked up by their parent or guardian. Kinder CDC students are picked up by the CDC staff.


Bicycles and scooters may be ridden to school. Students must adhere to traffic and road safety, and wear a helmet safely secured to their head. Bikes or scooters must be walked onto and off of campus grounds and are to locked and stored to the bike rake (located in Dolphin Square near the cafeteria) during the school day.
  • Students riding a bike or scooter must wear a helmet.
  • Once on campus, the bike or scooter must be walked and locked in our bike rack.
  • The rule is in place before school, after school and during school, weekdays and weekends.
  • The waiting areas, benches, and ramps are still a part of a campus.


Roller Blades, Roller Skates, and Skateboards are not allowed on campus. This includes the front and side waiting areas, benches, and ramps.