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Parking and Traffic Safety

Jefferson not unlike other school sites has parking guidelines in place to assist with student safety, guest parking, and to ensure our staff is parked and ready to begin the day with your child. By following the procedures outlined on this page for each parking lot, and by respecting the traffic and school rules in place we will all have a better experience in traffic flow. When entering a school zone, remember to:
  • Slow down to 25 mph
  • Watch for students and families by stopping at crosswalks and adhering to all traffic rules.
  • NEVER let your child exit the car on the ‘street side of the vehicle’, this puts them at risk with oncoming traffic. Ensure, instead, that your child exits on the sidewalk side of the vehicle.

We thank you in advance for supporting the continued safety of our students and school by following traffic rules in a school zone, and by adhering to the parking lot and valet area guidelines.

Harkness Parking Lot: This lot is for guest and staff parking, it is not a student drop-off or pick-up area.
  • Students are to utilize the sidewalks and ramp leading into and off of our campus in our front waiting area and not walk across or through this parking lot area.
  • Parents may park in a guest parking space, or along the street on non-street cleaning days, near this lot.
  • Vehicles may not line up behind the spaces of this lot, blocking the entrance or exit onto campus. Vehicles need to park in a lot space or on the street to pick-up or drop off.
The Spreckels Student Valet Parking Lot: This lot is used for both guest parking, CCS Therapy parking and as our main Student Valet for pick-up and drop-off.
  • The valet is a drop-off and drive through area. DO NOT Park in the Valet and walk your student to class.
  • The traffic in the valet needs to a continued flow.
  • If you desire to walk your student to class, park in an empty spot or on the street
  • When street parking, check the signs and make sure it is not street cleaning day.
  • Follow the valet arrows and directions painted on the asphalt of this lot to keep the traffic flow moving. Continue to move up in the valet all the way to the library gate when stopping to drop off or pick up your student.
  • Available spaces are for visitors and families to park.
    In this lot there are 3 CCS Therapy Reserved Spaces these spaces are for CCS clients only.
  • Our CCS clients need close access to therapy rooms.
  • Many of CCS clients have disabilities and difficulties which make walking and mobility difficult. We kindly ask that you do not park in the reserved spots.
The Flagler Parking Lot: This lot is reserved for Jefferson Staff parking and for our Bus Valet. Families and guests are to utilize the Spreckels Lane or Harkness Lots, or park along the street (remember to check for street cleaning days). Students are to walk on the sidewalks to enter campus from this lot, and not run through the parking spaces to enter campus. Please remind your child to use the sidewalk to walk up to the Flagler entrance gate.
The CDC Parking Lot: This lot is reserved for CDC Families.
  • Do not drop off non-CDC students in the parking lot to go onto campus.
  • For safety and traffic flow purposes, Non-CDC Students and their attending adults are not to pass through CDC or OH classroom gate or play area.
  • Instead, walk your child to the playground via the Flagler Lot sidewalks or pull through the Spreckels Lane parking lot valet.