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Reflections: PTA Art Program

Program FAQ:

What is the PTA Reflections Program?
The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts recognition and achievement program for students in preschool through grade 12. The program is designed to enhance quality arts education for students by encouraging them to create works of art in the areas of visual arts, literature, photography, musical composition, dance choreography, and film production. The Reflections program was established over 40 years ago by PTA. More than 500,000 students nationwide participate through their local PTA’s each year.

Who can participate at Jefferson Elementary?
Students in grades K-5 from Jefferson can participate in the Reflections Program.

How many entries can students submit?
Students may submit an entry in any of the six art areas listed below. Students can enter more than one work of art in the same area, however, you will need to attach a filled out entry form for each art entry. You can make copies of the entry form. Only ORIGINAL works of art are accepted and must relate to the annual Reflections theme. Students are NOT allowed to submit collaborative/team entries. Only one student name is allowed per entry form.

Literature        Photography          Musical Compositions
Visual Arts      Film Production     Dance Choreography

What is the judging process?
All entries are judged in artistic merit, creativity, mastery of the media, and interpretation of the theme. In order to prevent bias in judging and a conflict of interest, judges are selected from the community and are knowledgeable in their assigned art area. Student works are critiqued against others in the same grade division. This allows recognition and judging of artworks by appropriate developmental age and skill levels. The grade divisions for Jefferson are as follows:

Primary: K-2nd     Intermediate: 3rd-5th

One winning entry in each art area by grade division will be selected based on points obtained on the judging rubric. Winning entries will then be submitted to the next level of judging.

Are Jefferson students recognized for participating in the Reflections Program?
Yes, all student participants at Jefferson will receive a Reflections participant ribbon. Students with winning entries will be recognized in a special school ceremony and be presented with a certificate of achievement and recognition ribbon. A Reflections Art Show at Jefferson will be scheduled to allow students and families an opportunity to view student art work.

Participation and appreciation for the arts is the Reflections Program’s goal. Although the Reflections Program follows a “contest” format, winning should not be the emphasis.

How can parents and teachers support their students in the Reflections program?
Encourage your students to participate in this well established arts program. There are multiple ways students can express their artistic skills. Entry rules and forms will be provided to all students. Parents should explain the rules to their child for the art area he/she chooses to participate in. Plan to set aside some time for your child to work on the project, provide appropriate materials, and make sure your student’s work is original and with minimal parent or teacher involvement. Teachers are also welcomed to provide class time for their students to work on their Reflections art project.

Supporting the PTA Reflections Program is one way you can increase student achievement, foster student talents, and promote the arts in your home, your school, and you community.