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Running Club 2023-24

The Jefferson Running Club is a daily running club for grades 1st through 5th that provides a positive and healthy opportunity for our children to develop a daily routine of physical exercise. Regular before school exercise also helps increase attentiveness and behavior in the classroom.


The gates open at 7:50 am and we blow the whistle to start shortly afterwards. Our end time at 8:05 am (those students on the track will continue until they finish the lap in progress), which allows plenty of time before the first bell at 8:05 am. Run, skip, walk, leap, or hop as many laps as you can and earn a credit for each lap! Fun events, special incentives, and making friends along the way are just a few of the great aspects of participating in running club! 


This is how it works:  every student in grades 1-5 will be issued a lanyard with a plastic badge and personalized bar code. Volunteers scan these bar codes when the children complete each lap around the track. The electronic information is then uploaded to a program called StrideTrack® where you can login to see your child’s progress and awards.


To login in using your home computer:

Go to:

Enter the Runner ID which is the bar code numbers located on your child’s running club badge.   Note:  the runner ID changes each school year so you will need to update your child’s account when new badges are issued.


To login using Apple IPad or IPhone:

Download free StrideTrack® app from ITunes App Store. In the input box, enter the student Runner ID.


Parents can also join our “Remind” app group and receive notifications about events including double distance days and cancellations due to weather.  Join Remind by email “[email protected]” or via text - enter the number 81010 and text the message @jerunclub.


All students are responsible for keeping their badges safe and ready to use every morning. There will be emergency back up index cards available if a student accidentally forgets his/her badge. However, this is ONLY a back up card for emergency use and will not replace a badge, and is not to be used repeatedly. Students who lose their badges will need to purchase a replacement through the PTA for $1.  Students who do not have a badge will not receive credit for laps completed.  It is an electronic system and it will not be revised manually.  Please keep in mind that human errors occasionally occur and it is simply part of how a volunteer program works;  please do not request “missing” laps to be credited to your child’s account.  No exceptions will be made.



***We will not have running club if it is raining or if the track is too wet from prior rain/fog.  There will be a notification sent via the Remind app and information will be posted on the Jefferson Elementary Parents Facebook page on any days that we must cancel.***


Positive Rewards for Students


10 Mile Rewards:  After completing 10 miles/60 laps and each successive 10 miles, students will receive a popsicle after school on Wednesday.  Teachers hand out popsicle sticks which are turned in at the Running Club table in Dolphin Square in exchange for a popsicle.  Note:  totals to qualify for a popsicle are counted as of the Friday prior to the Wednesday award day.


Marathon Bands: Every student who runs or walks the equivalent of a marathon (26.2 miles) will earn a “Jefferson Marathon Runner” colored wrist band. Students will earn a different colored band for each additional marathon. 


Celebration: Students who earn: 60 miles or more (1st & 2nd graders) or 70 miles or more (3rd, 4th, & 5th graders) by the last day of Running Club will be invited to participate in an end of year celebration during school hours. Each student who is eligible to attend the celebration will receive a custom Jefferson Running Club t-shirt.  There will be an awards ceremony to recognize the top three boy and girl runners in each grade, fun organized games and have a provided lunch together. 



Running Club FAQS


When is Running Club?  Every morning, Monday through Friday, before school. Running time is from 7:50 am to 8:05 am. Students can start at any time after arriving to school.  Be sure to pack your child a water bottle so they can stay hydrated. We will not run if it is raining or the track/field is too wet.


How many laps does it take to run 1 mile? 6 laps around our track equals 1 mile.  


Can parents get involved? Absolutely! We need 5 parents each day to use the handheld scanners to scan bar codes. We also need volunteers to hand out back up cards every day and take orders for new badges. If you would like to volunteer please pick up a volunteer form from the front office. We will also need many parent volunteers for our end of year party. If you would like to volunteer on a permanent/consistent basis for the year, please contact your Running Club chairperson.


What if my child shows up without the badge?  Lap credit can ONLY be tracked with a runner ID bar code. We will have back up cards with a student’s bar code available on site but these are for emergencies ONLY and are not to be used regularly.  There will not be any manual adjustments made for students who do not receive bar code scans.


What if my child loses their original lanyard and badge? Can they just use the back up? The student will need to purchase a replacement badge and lanyard for $1. Back up badges are for emergencies only.  Students can bring $1 to the track and request a replacement badge, or parents can contact the Running Club chairperson to order a badge.


Can my child get mileage credit for races (5K or 10K) done outside of school? Students can also get running club mileage credit for signing up for school/district sponsored events including the Skechers Pier-to-Pier charity walk.  We will announce those events as needed. 


Need more information?

Contact our Running Club Chair:


Valentina Gungor [email protected]