Welcome to Room 9

The link to the Camp Pali store is now available.  It is posted both here:  store.paliinstitute.com , and under the Pali tab on this site.  Orders will be delivered the first night of Camp during dinner.
Our quote of the week is a Japanese proverb, "Fall down seven times, get up eight." 
This week in language arts, we are working on constructing paragraphs that cite evidence and explain reasoning.  We are also learning more rules for the using commas correctly.   In math, we are continuing our study of fractions and will slowly be moving into multiplying with fractions.  In science, we are learning about what happens at the molecular level when a solid dissolves into a liquid.  In social studies, students are continuing to work on the colonial region project.  The project is due Friday.  Students took their first states quiz on Tuesday, and will be getting a packet for their new states on Thursday.
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