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Welcome to Room 9

Please make sure you have completed the online medical forms for Camp Pali if your child is attending.
Please check the calendar on this website for upcoming assignments.
Root of the week: "grad" and "gress" which mean "to step."
In language arts, we are continuing our study of non-fiction text structures.  We will be learning about the structures and identifying them in our reading.
In math, we are starting fractions.  We are working on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, and subtracting with fractions.
  In social studies, we are working on a chapter titled "Building the First Colonies."  Also, Monday, the students received a schedule of quiz dates for knowing their states and capitals.  This schedule will also be posted in Google Classroom.  Each student also received a set of flashcards they may choose to keep at home, school, or in their backpacks.
  In science, we are continuing our newly adopted science program - Amplify Science.  Our first unit is "Patterns of Earth and Sky."  Our chapter 3 investigation is "Why do we see different stars at different times of the year?"  Our unit test will be this Friday.
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